Sustainable Design

Innovative plant-based materials in frames and lenses significantly reduce environmental impacts, making their sunglasses an eco-conscious choice without compromising quality or performance.

Give Back

Zeal Optics' commitment to giving back to the planet and the community. With programs that enhance values through courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion and humility.

Z-Resin Material

Zeal's innovative Z-Resin frames, derived from the castor plant, not only reduce CO2 emissions during production, but also ensure lightweight, flexible and sturdy sunglasses suitable for any outdoor activity.

Eco-friendly sunglasses with an edge

An essential highlight of Zeal Optics' range is the Ellume Polarized technology. This plant-based lens drastically improves color perception, providing crisper, clearer vision and a significant reduction in environmental impact. Ellume Polarized eliminates 99.9% of glare and safeguards your eyes against harmful UVA/B/C rays, ensuring comfort and eye health in your outdoor pursuits.

These lenses also filter out harmful high-energy blue light. The result is enhanced depth perception and vividly pronounced colors across the spectrum.

Experience the Zeal Optics difference today

Check out our range of Ellume Polarized and Z-Resin sunglasses, optimized for comfort, durability, and a commitment to sustainability that matches our own. Live your adventure with clarity and confidence, knowing you're making an environmentally responsible choice. Shop Zeal Optics today and immerse yourself in the world as it was meant to be seen.