Bike Repairs, Tune- Ups and Adjustments

    Bike Repairs & Adjustments

    Quick Service Menu:

    Tire Tube- Flat Fix                                                     $15
    Tubeless- Flat Fix                                                      $35
    Brakes- Adjustment                                                 $20
    Brakes- Bleed                                                           $35
    Derailleur- Adjustment                                            $20
    Bike Wash + Drive Train + Bike Inspection           $50 

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    32855 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs Ca, 92382

    Full Bike Service Menu:

    Call for an appointment or just drop on by
    Suspension: Rear Shock Maintenance                                     $40
             Suspension: Fork Maintenance                                                 $80-$100
    Chain Install                                                                                 $30
           Wheel: True                                                                                  $20-$40
      Wheel: Build                                                                                 $120
    Bar Wrap Install                                                                            $20
       Frame Protection Install                                                              $150
     Dropper Post Install                                                                     $45
     Bearing Service w/o Tune                                                            $20
     Bearing Service w/ Tune                                                              $10
    Hourly Shop Rate                                                                         $80


    Bike Tune-Ups + Assembly 

    Service Price  Description
    Standard Tune $95 

    Adjust Shifting, brakes, headset, bottom bracket and hubs. Inflate tires, lube chain, and clean bike. Safety check bolts/torque. Drive train cleaning, suspension work, and brake bleeds are not included. 

    Essential Tune $150 Adjust shifting, brakes, headset, bottom bracket, and hubs. True wheels, inflate tires, lube chain, disassemble and clean drive train, and deep clean bike. Safety check bolts/torque. Additional labor charge for any suspension work and/or brake bleeds.  
    Ultimate Tune Mountain  $400

    Full bike disassemble and reassemble with grease and lube as needed. Disassemble and clean drive train. True wheels, inflate tires, bleed brakes, fork lower leg service, and rear shock service. Safety check bolts/torque. Labor charges will be assessed for any additional seal, bearing, damper, and suspension services. New parts get a free install. 

    Drivetrain Cleaning

    $60 Remove drivetrain for major cleaning, reinstall and adjust drivetrain, lube and grease as needed.

    "New Bike Day"           -Bike Build

    $80-$300 Full build from the box.