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Mountain Life Supply co is working toward offering high quality maintenance a service for your mountain bike, snowboard/ skis. With friendly, knowledgeable, and engaged staff, we will make sure you and your gear are taken care of.  

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Mountain Bike Rentals: Now Open! 

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Bike Services + Maintenance: cleaning and lubrication, alignments, adjustments for shifting/brakes/headset/bottom bracket/hubs, derailleur, frame inspection, and installation of new parts. 

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Snowboard | Ski Rentals: Premium Snowboard | Ski rental    

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Snowboard | Ski Services: Wax, edge, boot-fitting, repairs here

Snowboard | Ski Boot-Fitting: Analysis of the guests’ feet by a boot-fitting professional to determine need for shell modification and/or custom foot-beds.

Mountain Life Supply co Custom Boot Fitting: 

At Mountain Life Supply co we understand how important it is to be comfortable in your boots! 

   Don't let cold, sleepy feet stop you from having a RAD day on the snow! Whether it's a little tweak here or there we've got you covered. Check out the program for new boots buyers and we'll get you out having fun in no time! 

 Feet Geeks Bootfitting