MTN Life Performance Demos

Looking to purchase, but unsure of which one? 

Rent these performance demos: For $50/day, you can rent and apply up to 3 demo credits toward a purchase of a ski or snowboard. (Snowboard demos are limited to one style of board)


Limited supply! Call our store at 909.939.0207




Designed for intermediate female skiers looking to get off the groomers and into more adventurous terrain, the Mindbender 85 W provides an agile, forgiving platform that excels in a variety of conditions.

The 85 W maintains its versatility, float and control.

Available Demo Sizes:  170cm 

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Harnessing the same Spectral Braid technology featured in some of its wider brethren, the Mindbender 90C offers precise torsional rigidity with a high-energy vibe.

Available Demo Sizes: 177cm 

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Tip it and rip it on the Declivity 88 C. A deep turn radius and woven Carbon Stringers running the length of the Caruba Core provide excellent energy rebound as you snap between turns on the groomer. 

Available Demo Sizes: 176cm

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The Royal is designed for riders who want a forgiving flex and edge catch free riding experience. Built with the nimble yet supple Contract Rocker profile for maximum butter-ability and the versatile confidence that Bamboo HotRods provide, the Royal is pure all-mountain glee.

Available Demo Size: 

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This mellow flexing true twin is built for riders who want to step-up their riding whether in the park, ripping groomers or ducking ropes. The Mechanic is built with the Contact Rocker profile for a smooth ride and Bamboo HotRods for pressable performance that seasoned veterans and new riders alike will enjoy. 

Available Demo Sizes:  156cm

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Designed by Ståle Sandbech as his daily driver, the Stale Crewzer has quickly become a staple for team riders, shop kids and anyone who wants a one board quiver. This directional twin throws down in the park but is a real beast on the steeps thanks to the versatile performance of our Fusion Camber profile.  

Available Demo Size: 154cm

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