Ski/ Snowboard Rental Terms + Conditions


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Equipment Rental & Liability Release Agreement PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING 1. I understand and am aware that Snowboarding and Skiing are HAZARDOUS activities. I understand that the sport of snowboarding and Skiing and the use of this snowboarding/ skiing equipment involve a risk of injury to any and all parts of this user’s body. I herby agree to freely and expressively assume and accept any and all risks of injury to the user of this equipment while snowboarding or skiing. 2. I understand that the snowboard equipment being furnished forms a part of or all of a snowboard-shoe-bootretention system which is a NON RELEASE system and that its use cannot guarantee this user’s safety or freedom from injury while snowboarding. I further agree and understand that this snowboard-shoe-boot-retention system does NOT REDUCE THE RISK of injuries. 3. I acknowledge and understand that snowboards behave differently than skis and that it is advisable for me to take snowboard lessons before attempting to use a snowboard. 4. I accept for use AS IS without any express or implied warranties, the equipment listed on this form and accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment while it is in my possession. I will be responsible for the replacement at full retail value of any equipment I use that is not returned in good condition. I understand that if any of the equipment listed on this form is lost or stolen that I am responsible for its FULL RETAIL VALUE, minus rental fees and not to exceed the full original MSRP of the gear, and for any and all other fees, claims, expense, or obligations to persons or property during the term of this agreement. 5. I hereby agree to RELEASE MOUNTAIN LIFE SUPPLY CO, its owners, agents and employees, for any and all liability for injury or death to myself or to any person or property which may arise from my use of this equipment. I agree NOT to make a claim against or sue MOUNTAIN LIFE SUPPLY CO for injuries or damages relating to snowboarding, Skiing, and/or the use of this equipment. 6. I agree to release the manufacturer, the distributor, the retailer, and the rental establishment, who manufacture, distribute and provide this snowboard/Ski equipment from any and all responsibility or liability for injuries or damages of any kind to the user of the equipment listed on this form, or to any other person. 7. I understand the function of my equipment and have been given all instructions that I feel are necessary for its use. 8. I understand that a helmet will help reduce the risk of some types of injuries. I recognize that serious injury or death can result from impacts even when a helmet is worn. 9. I understand that if my rental gear is returned late, I am responsible for additional rental fees plus any additional costs that may be incurred by Mountain Life Supply Co as a result of my late return. - 2 Hrs. After scheduled return time/date: 1 day of rental charged to renter’s credit card - 3-23 Hrs. After scheduled return time/date: 2 days of rental charge to renter’s credit card on file. - 24 Hrs. After scheduled return time/date: Mountain Co. Will assume the bike is lost or stolen and the full retail value of the rented gear will be charged to credit card on file. 10. I understand that this is a contract that is legally binding upon me, my heirs, assigns, and legal representatives. I, the undersigned, have read and understood this Equipment Rental & Liability Release Agreement. User Signature Date Parent/Guardian: if the equipment user is a minor, I verify that I am the parent or guardian of the minor, and I have the authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the equipment user and I agree to be bounded by the terms and conditions of this agreement.