Blizzard 2023

Blizzard 2023


Paul and I couldn't be happier to have so much snow, but it's SO much snow! It has become dangerous to travel and enjoy our sports until further notice. 

  We are currently operating 10am-4pm daily until conditions open up the highways and people can move about the mountains safely. 

Since we received 7-9 feet of snow throughout our San Bernardino Mountain range. Amazing efforts have been made by our firefighters, school administrators and more.

The huge efforts of neighbors have been our biggest inspiration! At MTN Life we are searching for a reputable foundation to gather donations for in our community. Please look out or make suggestions for us to organize this.

So far it looks like the Running Springs Fire Department, and the Mountains Community Rotary are top contenders for helping us get funds to those in need. 

Amid loss of power, trees falling, threats of gas leaks and explosions, the people of our community have come together to shovel, transports food and meds to those in dire need of assistance. 

If you have lost pay due to our state of emergency, you can apply for EDD temporary unemployment to help cover your expenses.

For more info and to apply online go to:

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