3 Reasons to Go Outside in Any Weather

3 Reasons to Go Outside in Any Weather

  Sun, rain, trees, fresh air, chirping birds, children laughing, panting dog, whichever reason you love to go outside, embrace it. Obviously, there are more than 3 reasons to go outside but they all boil down to a few fundamental elements for your health: lowers blood pressure and reduces stress, improves mood, improves focus.

  Humans are not made to stay indoors. We need the fresh air to clarify our minds and our body. Going outside whether it’s walking a dog around the block our for several mile hikes, out body craves the activity and the connectedness that it brings to our souls.

  Simply looking at trees and feeling the weather on our skin helps to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

  The sun is not the only thing to improve mood, although it helps a lot. The fresh air, activity and observing nature improves endorphins helping to combat depression and sadness.

  Improving focus won’t just help with your “productivity” as a person, but help you think about you and those you love, your goals and refresh your thoughts.

  So, take a 10 minute walk with your dog, play ball with your kids, go for that weekend backpacking trip, swim in a lake, nap in the shade, plant some flowers, take a bike ride with your family or by yourself, just make some time for you and your health and soul will thank you for it.  

  Get outside “For the Fun of It” and for you.